The TravelScoot  is the lightest and most compact folding mobility scooter in the world! It fits where no mobility scooter has fit before!

The perfect choice for people with limited mobility, the TravelScoot is designed for those who have walking difficulties but otherwise still fairly mobile.

The TravelScoot comes with a six month warranty. The TravelScoot is not recommended for persons confined to a wheelchair or indeed of constant care.

Folded down (85cm x 30cm x 25cm ), the TravelScoot stores In 0.064 m3 (2.5 cub feet).

Extremely lightweight and compact

  • Adjustable seat & handlebar height
  • Aircraft grade polished and anodized aluminum frame
  • Maximum 10 km/h, with a range of  14 km
  • Up to  145kg on the seat  and additional luggage on the frame
  • Small cups near the footrests accommodate cane or crutches
  • Relaxed seating position allows riding even with an injured leg fully in a cast
  • Dual rear friction brakes with dual parking brakes
  • Approved for airline transport

The lightweight compact folding Travelscoot ,  the only of it’s kind in the world, is the perfect solution for anyone who needs instant mobility…

Look at it’s  features & benefits!!

  • Shopping Malls   – Shop till they drop
  • Family outings   – Be part of it
  • Airports – Enjoy overseas travelling
  • Paved pathways and parks – Regain your freedom
  • Retirement villages – Mobility for you
  • Very Lightweight  16.2kg – Easy to travel with
  • Very strong – Frame made of aircraft grade aluminium – max load of 145 kg

If you encounter a patch of rough, uneven terrain or there is no wheelchair  ramp present between different levels the TravelScoot  can easily be carried over these kinds of obstructions. The revolutionary and unique hinge system allows for a three- wheeled electric vehicle for the  first time to be folded to the size of a two-wheeled scooter.

Optional Battery Packs

  • Lithium – iron, for lighter weight and better performance – DE LUXE model -
  • SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) 24 Volt 12 – 15 A/h, includes fabric bag with handle – STANDARD -

Keep in mind that when using your TravelScoot you will probably cover more distance for the same purpose than you would walking. The TravelScoot   De Luxe Is the lightest mobility Scooter available

For the walking – impaired air Traveler, it is permitted to drive the TravelScoot right to the departure gate.  The airline will transport and deliver it directly to the arrival gate at no extra cost .  For some  lightweight carry on Items attach the included fabric with Velcro between the V-shaped trailing arms.

The TravelScoot is lightweight, compact and easy to set up and ready to go in minutes and can be stored away in the smallest places


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I love my TravelScoot. It has given me my mobility back. A few weeks ago I was able to go to the zoo with my 5 year old granddaughter and her kindergarten class.  – Bob Miller